The Story about Ääniavara Ltd borning

One day there was born a small, frail bird, whose second wing was shorter than the other one.

Mother feeded and nurtured her baby bird just like her other chick.
Mother encouraged and taught her baby bird to fly, in spite of baby birds small wing. Mother listened to baby birds worries and encouraged her always to try.
The baby bird grew up, learned to fly and got her wings to bear. She got three lovely chicks, sang to them and taught them to fly.
She came to be called as "Singabird" and today she gives a voice for those who don’t have one or whose voice is weak.
The mother -child interaction is a voice that we can’t hear. It is a power that changes as a tone and creates good feeling, with joy and happiness. Encouragement and the joy of working together prepares to the future and gives wings to life.
Ääniavara Ltd